Bandung International Summer School in Astronomy (BISSA) 2009

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In Conjunction with the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009, Department of Astronomy & Astronomy Research Division, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) proudly present the 1st Bandung International Summer School in Astronomy (BISSA) 2009! It is a two-week program that brings a wide range of people interested in Astronomy from all over the world to gain knowledge and experience in a beautiful city of Bandung, Indonesia.

The course will comprise topics in:

  • Cosmology and Galaxy
  • Solar System
  • Stellar Physics

Parallel to the course, we also organize free excursion and fun activities. Of course, Observation at Bosscha Observatory is another activity that you will not want to miss!

Visit our website:


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Reading Al-Qur’an

September 24, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Reflection, Religion & Science) (, , , , , )

First of all, reading is something that I really want to do but have difficulty in getting accustomed to. Just reading about everything. But reading is, i believe, a must. Specifically here, I would like to tell you a bit about my experience in reading the Holy Book of Islam, Al-Qur’an.

I am sure that each and every human wants (deep in their heart) to be better everyday. I am also sure that each and every Muslim wants (deep in their heart) to be better everyday as a Muslim. As now is the Holy Month of Ramadhan comes, people even want to do everything and something better. You want to be as pious as you can possibly be. So, before It came this year, I said to myself, i wanted to read Al-Qur’an… not just reading the Arabic text of the Qur’an, but getting deep into the essence of it. I started reading from the very beginning, the History of Qur’an and then Al-Fathihah, etc. Now I’m still on the mid part of Al-Baqoroh. I started to think that  every single verse written  is really  BEAUTIFUL, LOGICAL,  and things that  you just can’t explain. But when I say ‘reading’, i am saying about the connection between the written Qur’an and the reality. I’m telling you. It is soooooo beautiful. Everything seems to be very understandable. All that happens in this earth and universe is understandable in a sense. This is why Allah demands us to seek for knowledge wherever and whenever. It is because Al-Qur’an is the law of Allah… and everything that happens everyday happens under the law of Allah. All the connections seem to u to be very much incredible. You just cannot stop to acknowledge Allah’s greatness.

Reading the Holy Qur’an does not only mean reading the written text of the Qur’an, but getting deep into what each and single text is all about by finding out what happens in this nature. Allah creates heavens and earth. All works under the law of Allah. It really occurs to me that Allah just wants us to do something simple. But we, as humans, are always complaining every single day.

In all, I just wanna say… Let’s read the Qur’an together. I assure you that you’re gonna be blown away… 😛 I also want to encourage myself to just read, in general…:D

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Summer schools and stuff…

September 21, 2008 at 6:49 am (Reflection) (, , , , )

Everybody just wonders why I really like being in such a summer school a lot… Well, let me tell you… First and all, It’s all about intercultural experience and all stuff like this. From the beginning to the end of the journey, it’s all about the experience. You get to meet different people from all over the world, exchange knowledge with them and all the benefits that u can get. I mean, not just summer school, but intercultural event alike as well, like the one that i experienced in December 2007 called ‘Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED)’, involving students of SBM-ITB (Particularly MSM students), University of St. Gallen and Singapore Management University (SMU).

We really had a great time, despite all the work we had to do. I mean, i got a chance to create bonding with them in a way. This July/August (2008), i got a chance to visit several of my Swiss friends in Switzerland before heading to Helsinki to have another summer school there. It was really nice. The fact is that you’ll have friends everywhere in the world so u don’t have to worry about where you’ll stay or something like that.

Like u can imagine, from this year’s (2008) Helsinki Summer School, I even made more friends, from broader range of nationalities. It’s really great. They’re from India, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Japan, Greece Taiwan and Spain… I even met others (in the same summer school but difference courses) from Italy, China, others from Spain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and other countries… These all adds to the ones the i met in the previous summer schools, who are from Greece, the United States, Portugal, Estonia, Belarus, Romania, Turkey, etc. These experiences that I have are really something that can broaden up your horizons, make you think more carefully in a way.

So, in short, summer schools and/or intercultural events are media that can bring you into a broader idea of things, human relations, culture and stuff like this. Take the best out of it, you may learn something. For me personally, it is also something that allows you to practice your religion in a more challenging way:D in a way…:D There are several things that u just don’t wanna do and see, but I try to always take the best out of it…:D Always ask for His Guidance…

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The Power of GIVING!

October 27, 2007 at 8:38 am (Reflection) (, , , )

Something unexpected just happened 2 me… somebody whom I respect a lot gave me a present for no reason. She is my supervisor when I did my final assignment in my undergraduate program (Astronomy). Her name is Bu Nana. I really didn’t expect her to give me anything. But apparently it was none other than the work of Allah.

Not so long ago, I attended this summer school in Evolution of Language in Utrecht, Netherlands. After going back to Indonesia, the Professor teaching the lecture gave me some files regarding evolution of language. And I thought, “Why don’t I forward the files to Bu Nana?” I thought this way ‘cause she said that she was also interested in language, linguistic and stuff. So I forwarded the files to her. I mean, after what she’s done for me (guiding me through my final undergraduate years), sending her some files which I thought it would be useful somehow would be great.

Couples of weeks later, I came to see her to just make a silaturahim and say “Minal Aidin Wal fa idzin” after Eid Ul-Fitr (Idul Fitri). What surprised me from that meeting with her, she gave me a BOOK which she thought I would really like it. And yes, that was probably one of the best gifts in recent years. The book’s called “On Nature and Language” by Noam Chomsky, which points greatly on the relation between language, mind and the brain. I can use the book for many purposes, my personal interest and especially my thesis. I study Science in Management now for my graduate program. And my final thesis will hopefully be related to language and multilingualism in which I will relate this to mind and brain as well… I say “Alhamdulillah”. This is out of my control… God (Allah) really works in a mysterious way… The power of giving really works (sincere giving, of course)…

I also see the existence of the power of giving through my mother… Subhanallah. I always notice that she always gives anything she’s capable of to the people around her… in many forms… and in Islam, it is said that when you give something to other, Allah will give something back to you multiply… Giving something to people can be a hard thing to do, … InsyaAllah it’s going to be one of our tasks in this life if we want to be happy… I mean I’m happy not only because Bu Nana gave me the book, but I’m more happy to see how things work if we BELIEVE in Allah…

May I always have guidance…

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October 25, 2007 at 10:10 am (Reflection) (, )

Subhanallah, I’ve been falling in love with something else these days… it is LANGUAGE… I mean I’ve been speaking Indonesian, English and a bit Sundanese… It think it’s time for me to GET CLOSER to other language… I’m now studying German (Deutsch)… and I’ve been loving it… I have a belief that the more you learn language, the more you know the expression you should convey through words… I know that not every word in English can be interpreted perfectly to Indonesia… and vice versa… As for my future project, I’m planning to learn more about languages… German, French, Dutch, Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages… Thanks to Allah that I love languages… It’s one of my attempts to get closer to people from all over the world, to be able to communicate with all my brothers and sisters, from Adam and Eve (Hawa)… May Allah bless my dream… InsyaAllah… Amin

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Hmm… I just want to be…

October 21, 2007 at 10:41 pm (Reflection) (, , )

As a human being, I have many dreams. I believe that Islam encourages people to pursue their dreams as long as it is in the right path. I mean, here is the list of things I want to be and do in the future: musician, writer, scientist, journalist, lecturer, etc…

Yet, among these dreams all I want to be is just being a good Muslim, that’s all…
It is the ultimate goal of my life… Am I already a good Muslim? Am I a bad Muslim?
No way can I judge myself. Only Allah Al-Mighty has the right to say someone a good Muslim or not. We’re all trying our best. Yet, we have to always look at sins we’ve done and try not to count every good things we’ve done. All I do will be nothing when I don’t do it in the path of what Allah has determined. InsyaAllah… we’re all trying

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Tampil dengan BANDOS ITB, di Blitz dan ITB…

June 4, 2007 at 9:52 pm (My Performance)

Wah, gw akhirnya ada juga media untuk nambah jam terbang. Bermain bareng BANDOS ITB bener2 sesuatu yang baru dan menyenangkan. Ngeliat para dosen2 itu bermain musik bener2 buat penyegaran.

Penampilan pertama gw bareng BANDOS ITB itu waktu di Blitz. Ga nyangka bisa tampil di sini. Penontonnya cukup banyak. Om-om dosen bilang ktnya penampilannya lebih bagus daripada pas latihan. Lagu2 yang dibawain sendiri ada 6, “Prahara Cinta”, “In the Stone”, “Still a Friend of Mine”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, “Stand Up for Love” sama “You”. Ada beberapa kendala yang gw temuin, yaitu:
1. Gw belom pernah nyanyi trio, dimana gw dan teman2 (Dinda dan Dhien), harus berbagi suara 1, 2 dan 3. Karena gw cowo, cukup sulit untuk menyocokkan dengan kedua wanita bersuara merdu ini. Tapi, ini adalah sebuah tantangan. Dan ketika kita berhasil melewati tantangan, maka kita akan berada pada level lain.
2. Lagu2 yang dibawain itu, cenderung lagu2 cewek. Lagu “in the stone” earth wind and fire aja dinaekin nadanya… Ini karena mereka udah pernah bawain ini lagu dan sudah cukup fix kuncinya.
Tapi itu dia, semua tantangan positif itu harus dijawab. Dan Alhandulillah, waktu itu semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.

Penampilan yang kedua yaitu pas tampil di ITB, my campus. Tampilan kesekian kalinya di kampus (gw pribadi, hehe). Selain 6 lagu yang udah disebutin di atas, ada juga lagu “Cinta”-nya Chrisye sama “Kenangan Terindah”-nya Samsons. Jujur aja, untuk kedua lagu ini, latihannya cuma 1 kali. Jadi, cukup ga pede juga bawainnya. Dan lagu kaya gini, bukan lagu yang biasa gw nyanyiin. Tapi ya, coba aja lah…
Gw harus nurut dulu sama apa kata pendahulu2…heheh untuk fit in… nah, wal hasil… ada beberapa nada yang fals, gw nyadar banget pas tampil lagu samsons. Lagunya itu nadanya dinaikin jadi nada cewek. Jadinya, gw kebagian ref-nya… Karena kurang pd “tea”, ada beberapa nada yang slip. Ya gpp-lah… selalu ada evaluasi.

Yang pasti, pengalaman pertama dan kedua ini sungguh berkesan karena memberi suasana yang baru dalam hidup gw…hahaha.

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God creates all the sciences

June 4, 2007 at 12:59 am (Religion & Science)

As a moslem, i always believe that God is one, has no parent and has no child, and nothing’s like God (Allah). And subhanallah, not only that I believe in this statement in and out my whole soul, but science has once again proved that. Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah. I have no idea that my Astronomy major has introduced me to what is called the bridge between religion and science. Allah (God) says in the Qur’an that we have to always reach for knowledge in order to get closer. What i understand about getting closer to God is that knowledge can enrich the concept of things in the whole universe and in life so that we can feel humble. And what science do i mean?

Well, it’s the big bang thing. Astronomers believe that the universe was born through such explosion called “Big Bang”. Nobody can explain it. We can only try to “describe” it, like written in the article by Peter Marshall. So after the big bang, there came the universe. This is how I’m going to explain about how science connects with religion.

When the universe was born, the space and time were formed. In fact, the term “space and time” is inseparable with the universe. It means, before the universe was born, there never was what is called “space” nor “time”. Can u imagine that? Einstein said that there must have been a “Spirit” that once created the universe. Observations have shown that there needs to be a miracle that can form a universe like shown.
So prior to the birth of the universe, what exist is, i believe, immortality. As far as i’m concerned. Mortality is caused by specifically “time”. So when there is no time, everything’s considered immortal. Logical enough.

To sum up, I entirely believe the “Spirit” that i’ve been talking about is God (Allah SWT), subhanallah. And that GOD CREATES ALL THE SCIENCES. We never creates even a single form of science. What we do is basically, trying to find out what God has written in all over the universe (through science). Once again, we don’t really explain things, we can only try to describe things. It is what it is, that’s it.

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