God creates all the sciences

June 4, 2007 at 12:59 am (Religion & Science)

As a moslem, i always believe that God is one, has no parent and has no child, and nothing’s like God (Allah). And subhanallah, not only that I believe in this statement in and out my whole soul, but science has once again proved that. Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah. I have no idea that my Astronomy major has introduced me to what is called the bridge between religion and science. Allah (God) says in the Qur’an that we have to always reach for knowledge in order to get closer. What i understand about getting closer to God is that knowledge can enrich the concept of things in the whole universe and in life so that we can feel humble. And what science do i mean?

Well, it’s the big bang thing. Astronomers believe that the universe was born through such explosion called “Big Bang”. Nobody can explain it. We can only try to “describe” it, like written in the article by Peter Marshall. So after the big bang, there came the universe. This is how I’m going to explain about how science connects with religion.

When the universe was born, the space and time were formed. In fact, the term “space and time” is inseparable with the universe. It means, before the universe was born, there never was what is called “space” nor “time”. Can u imagine that? Einstein said that there must have been a “Spirit” that once created the universe. Observations have shown that there needs to be a miracle that can form a universe like shown.
So prior to the birth of the universe, what exist is, i believe, immortality. As far as i’m concerned. Mortality is caused by specifically “time”. So when there is no time, everything’s considered immortal. Logical enough.

To sum up, I entirely believe the “Spirit” that i’ve been talking about is God (Allah SWT), subhanallah. And that GOD CREATES ALL THE SCIENCES. We never creates even a single form of science. What we do is basically, trying to find out what God has written in all over the universe (through science). Once again, we don’t really explain things, we can only try to describe things. It is what it is, that’s it.



  1. Abdelrahman said,

    yes, Dr. zaghloul El naggar also talked about that … you can check his web site:

    And more about his:

    Nice blog , keep it up

  2. Lia said,

    Sebenernya Cha… untuk lebih singkatnya… kalo loe mau tau lebih jelas… toh di al-quran semua yang perlu kita tau (about science esp.) emang ada… tapi kadang males ya baca Al Quran sama artinya… jangankan sama artinya.. baca doang aja kadang males… hahahaha

  3. indri said,

    Subhanallah dik… itu baru sedikit yang kita tahu mengenai alam ini sebagai creature-Nya, dan masih banyak lagi yang belum terungkap… Gw aja yang nggak terlalu banyak mengetahui seluk beluk alam ini, selalu merasa kagum, apalagi elo yang memang punya willingness utk berkecimpung di bidang itu…

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