Hmm… I just want to be…

October 21, 2007 at 10:41 pm (Reflection) (, , )

As a human being, I have many dreams. I believe that Islam encourages people to pursue their dreams as long as it is in the right path. I mean, here is the list of things I want to be and do in the future: musician, writer, scientist, journalist, lecturer, etc…

Yet, among these dreams all I want to be is just being a good Muslim, that’s all…
It is the ultimate goal of my life… Am I already a good Muslim? Am I a bad Muslim?
No way can I judge myself. Only Allah Al-Mighty has the right to say someone a good Muslim or not. We’re all trying our best. Yet, we have to always look at sins we’ve done and try not to count every good things we’ve done. All I do will be nothing when I don’t do it in the path of what Allah has determined. InsyaAllah… we’re all trying



  1. Lia said,

    Emang sih Cha… semua bergantung sama Allah SWT… tapi yang penting kan kita sebagai manusia berusaha semaksimal mungkin kan? and another thing… kita beribadah hanya karena Allah… dan nyari ridho Allah? right…. weks… gw jadi serius gini? hehehe

  2. indri said,

    in this case im totally agree with u.. i mean agree with the statement u said about ur dreams. In my opinion, if we have a dream, we should have a courage to pursue that. We shouldnt afraid in dreaming anything… get your dream as highest as u can, in the same case like if we put our target about something… Kalaupun seandainya mimpi kita ngga tercapai, paling engga, kita sudah melakukan usaha untuk mencapai hal yang terbaik itu, but we still need making our dream appropriate with our capability and time. Dream should be rationalistic… :p

    Regarding good moslem or bad moslem, i just wanna give a comment : “salute for u!”.. hari gini nggak byk orang juga yang berpendapat sama, yah… just wanna say… do the best thing in being a moslem…

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