October 25, 2007 at 10:10 am (Reflection) (, )

Subhanallah, I’ve been falling in love with something else these days… it is LANGUAGE… I mean I’ve been speaking Indonesian, English and a bit Sundanese… It think it’s time for me to GET CLOSER to other language… I’m now studying German (Deutsch)… and I’ve been loving it… I have a belief that the more you learn language, the more you know the expression you should convey through words… I know that not every word in English can be interpreted perfectly to Indonesia… and vice versa… As for my future project, I’m planning to learn more about languages… German, French, Dutch, Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages… Thanks to Allah that I love languages… It’s one of my attempts to get closer to people from all over the world, to be able to communicate with all my brothers and sisters, from Adam and Eve (Hawa)… May Allah bless my dream… InsyaAllah… Amin



  1. indri said,

    wah ada krjaan baru nih..ksh comment lg ah..h..h.
    u said u speak little bit if i become ur tutor..h.h.h
    bknnya bhs german itu rada2 ribet yah,ky bhs perancis soalnya ada kata maskulin lah..feminim lah..waduh???

  2. Sue said,

    I’m learning some of those laguages on the free site
    You can take lessons and talk with people all over the world to practice. The tutors are also free!

  3. runknee runinskie said,

    KYA, Dikeee … So, welcome 2d’club if u realized dat language gives u a lot thing 4ur life. Language is a significant media for us to share some things to others, rite .. logically, by this mean, we gonna able to share and absorb so many things too in ths world. Being to be a great capital for u if u able to understand & speak in so many langs .. We can reach more knowledges, meet new mates and new ‘kecengan’ too across d’world by this (hohoho .. it’s so me). Without means talkin’ this 2much, I’m really sure u knw wht I said, dude ..

    Just KEEP ROCKIN’ d’world w/our capability to speak in many langs. Fun and challenging .. 😉

  4. Maximus said,

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  5. dian said,

    Das ist aber schön! Ich weiß, dass du dich für die Sprache interessierst, und du hast schon gut gezeigt. Mach das weiter! 🙂

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