The Power of GIVING!

October 27, 2007 at 8:38 am (Reflection) (, , , )

Something unexpected just happened 2 me… somebody whom I respect a lot gave me a present for no reason. She is my supervisor when I did my final assignment in my undergraduate program (Astronomy). Her name is Bu Nana. I really didn’t expect her to give me anything. But apparently it was none other than the work of Allah.

Not so long ago, I attended this summer school in Evolution of Language in Utrecht, Netherlands. After going back to Indonesia, the Professor teaching the lecture gave me some files regarding evolution of language. And I thought, “Why don’t I forward the files to Bu Nana?” I thought this way ‘cause she said that she was also interested in language, linguistic and stuff. So I forwarded the files to her. I mean, after what she’s done for me (guiding me through my final undergraduate years), sending her some files which I thought it would be useful somehow would be great.

Couples of weeks later, I came to see her to just make a silaturahim and say “Minal Aidin Wal fa idzin” after Eid Ul-Fitr (Idul Fitri). What surprised me from that meeting with her, she gave me a BOOK which she thought I would really like it. And yes, that was probably one of the best gifts in recent years. The book’s called “On Nature and Language” by Noam Chomsky, which points greatly on the relation between language, mind and the brain. I can use the book for many purposes, my personal interest and especially my thesis. I study Science in Management now for my graduate program. And my final thesis will hopefully be related to language and multilingualism in which I will relate this to mind and brain as well… I say “Alhamdulillah”. This is out of my control… God (Allah) really works in a mysterious way… The power of giving really works (sincere giving, of course)…

I also see the existence of the power of giving through my mother… Subhanallah. I always notice that she always gives anything she’s capable of to the people around her… in many forms… and in Islam, it is said that when you give something to other, Allah will give something back to you multiply… Giving something to people can be a hard thing to do, … InsyaAllah it’s going to be one of our tasks in this life if we want to be happy… I mean I’m happy not only because Bu Nana gave me the book, but I’m more happy to see how things work if we BELIEVE in Allah…

May I always have guidance…



  1. indri said,

    Ada pepatah mengatakan”lebih baik memberi daripada menerima”.Ada kepuasan batin..
    menurut pendapatku ada 2 kelompok manusia seperti ini;
    yang pertama, kelompok manusia yang mendapatkan kebahagiaan dengan cara memuaskan dirinya sendiri dengan membeli barang2 yang dia inginkan hanya untuk kesenangannya semata. Dengan cara begitu, dia baru bisa bahagia.
    Tapi ada juga kelompok manusia yang lebih suka mendapat kebahagiaan dari kebahagiaan orang lain,dengan cara memberikan sesuatu yang bisa membuat orang lain bahagia..dgn begitu dia juga mendapatkan kebahagiaan..

  2. dian said,

    hallo andika! ich denke, ich möchte auch den datei. kann ich das auch haben? sprache interessiert mich immer sehr..:)

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