Summer schools and stuff…

September 21, 2008 at 6:49 am (Reflection) (, , , , )

Everybody just wonders why I really like being in such a summer school a lot… Well, let me tell you… First and all, It’s all about intercultural experience and all stuff like this. From the beginning to the end of the journey, it’s all about the experience. You get to meet different people from all over the world, exchange knowledge with them and all the benefits that u can get. I mean, not just summer school, but intercultural event alike as well, like the one that i experienced in December 2007 called ‘Social Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED)’, involving students of SBM-ITB (Particularly MSM students), University of St. Gallen and Singapore Management University (SMU).

We really had a great time, despite all the work we had to do. I mean, i got a chance to create bonding with them in a way. This July/August (2008), i got a chance to visit several of my Swiss friends in Switzerland before heading to Helsinki to have another summer school there. It was really nice. The fact is that you’ll have friends everywhere in the world so u don’t have to worry about where you’ll stay or something like that.

Like u can imagine, from this year’s (2008) Helsinki Summer School, I even made more friends, from broader range of nationalities. It’s really great. They’re from India, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Japan, Greece Taiwan and Spain… I even met others (in the same summer school but difference courses) from Italy, China, others from Spain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and other countries… These all adds to the ones the i met in the previous summer schools, who are from Greece, the United States, Portugal, Estonia, Belarus, Romania, Turkey, etc. These experiences that I have are really something that can broaden up your horizons, make you think more carefully in a way.

So, in short, summer schools and/or intercultural events are media that can bring you into a broader idea of things, human relations, culture and stuff like this. Take the best out of it, you may learn something. For me personally, it is also something that allows you to practice your religion in a more challenging way:D in a way…:D There are several things that u just don’t wanna do and see, but I try to always take the best out of it…:D Always ask for His Guidance…


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