Reading Al-Qur’an

September 24, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Reflection, Religion & Science) (, , , , , )

First of all, reading is something that I really want to do but have difficulty in getting accustomed to. Just reading about everything. But reading is, i believe, a must. Specifically here, I would like to tell you a bit about my experience in reading the Holy Book of Islam, Al-Qur’an.

I am sure that each and every human wants (deep in their heart) to be better everyday. I am also sure that each and every Muslim wants (deep in their heart) to be better everyday as a Muslim. As now is the Holy Month of Ramadhan comes, people even want to do everything and something better. You want to be as pious as you can possibly be. So, before It came this year, I said to myself, i wanted to read Al-Qur’an… not just reading the Arabic text of the Qur’an, but getting deep into the essence of it. I started reading from the very beginning, the History of Qur’an and then Al-Fathihah, etc. Now I’m still on the mid part of Al-Baqoroh. I started to think that  every single verse written  is really  BEAUTIFUL, LOGICAL,  and things that  you just can’t explain. But when I say ‘reading’, i am saying about the connection between the written Qur’an and the reality. I’m telling you. It is soooooo beautiful. Everything seems to be very understandable. All that happens in this earth and universe is understandable in a sense. This is why Allah demands us to seek for knowledge wherever and whenever. It is because Al-Qur’an is the law of Allah… and everything that happens everyday happens under the law of Allah. All the connections seem to u to be very much incredible. You just cannot stop to acknowledge Allah’s greatness.

Reading the Holy Qur’an does not only mean reading the written text of the Qur’an, but getting deep into what each and single text is all about by finding out what happens in this nature. Allah creates heavens and earth. All works under the law of Allah. It really occurs to me that Allah just wants us to do something simple. But we, as humans, are always complaining every single day.

In all, I just wanna say… Let’s read the Qur’an together. I assure you that you’re gonna be blown away… 😛 I also want to encourage myself to just read, in general…:D



  1. imoromi said,

    Actually i didn’t accustomed to read Al-Qur’an before…
    for next Idul Fitri, i will try my best to read Al-Qur’an frequently..

  2. indri said,

    Reading Al-Qur’an???..
    Yes you r right, most people just read it, not getting deep into what each and single text is all ‘bout…
    Just by read the holy book of Moslem without knowing the essential of it, it can also recurred soul n keep us from the bad thing, actually with knowing every single text we can hold the world, we can also answer all questions, isn’t it right??? 😀

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